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Female Promoter Pariyakorn Ratanasuban

Only female promoter in Thailand, Pariyakorn Ratanasuban will promote an auspicious event to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday.
Visa Kantap Vice Welfare Minister is the President and Lieutenant General Dr. Yuttana Harabutr, December 5 Foundation Secretary preside the Press conference about well preparation especially, this Queen’s Cup that have all over foreign boxers and the main event is: The most auspicious event to honor the Queen on August 12 as the Queen’s Birthday, there will be all female boxers around the world to have live televise through Grammy Sport Channel (G-MM SPORT) because this year as OneSongchai on behalf of December 5 foundation to get Her Majesty the Queen’s trophy.
The boxers are:

  1. Fasitong Sitso-ung VS Reimarakami from Japan
  2. Luknam Kor komkiew VS Miyako from Japan
  3. Nonggift Or Onecherd VS Jet Izumi from Japan
  4. Sriprae Nongkipahuyut VS Sara from Australia
  5. Ploynapa Sakrungrueng VS Yodying Singnamchai
  6. Saonongkai Sitkrujeab VS Luksorn SitKongnapa
  7. Male boxer- Somdej Kietpompet challenge for vacant S1 World Championship with Nidor Niros from Greece

The event will start from 17.00 and light the candle ceremony at 19.19 together at Sanamluang on this August 12.


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