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Germany - Pascha Fight Team vs Kombat League International

Third edition for this event Pascha Fight Night in Koeln. Kombat League vs Pascha Fight Team.... who will be the winner? Let's read who are going to be the protagonists!

Greece - Lazar Vasile in a boxing fight

Lazar Vasile (Kombat League Management) at The Battle - Greece December 20th 2015.

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Austria - Kombat league Team at Austrian Fight Challenge

Seven Fighters from Kombat league fighting in Austria December 12th at Austrian Fight Challenge.

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THAILAND - Mugnaini and Muru at Max Muaythai Pattaya

Tayro Muru and Mirco Mugnaini Protagonists at Max Muay Thai Pattaya! December 9th 2015. Kombat League Management always on the top!

ITALY - Trieste Boxing Night III

KL European Title pro: FINKO BARISIC (CRO) vs. Clayton Henriquez ( HOL) 

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THAILAND - Onesongchai King's Cup

And here it is.... the historical event at which every year we attend to: Onesongchai King's Birthday. Sara Donghi and Johnatan Invernino Protagonists this year! Dec.5th 2015

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